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  • Humidity Calculator calculator and formula to find the amount of air presented in the air by using the input values of actual & saturated vapor pressure of air.
  • Relative Humidity Calculator calculator and formula to find the amount of moisture (water vapor) in the atmosphere or air, by using the dew point & temperature of air.
  • Dewpoint Calculator calculator to find the dewpoint temperature below which water vapor begin to change water droplets and dew can form.
  • Air Temperature Calculator calculator and formula to find the air temperature from the values of dewpoint temperature & relative humidity.
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  • Sound Pressure Level Calculator calculator to measure the logarithmic RMS value of the sound or acoustic pressure caused by the sound wave relative to a reference value in decibels.
  • Ground Level Emission Calculator calculator to measure the maximum ground level emission concentration of non-reactive air pollutatnt by using the Gaussian Plume Model (GPM).
  • BOD Exertion Calculator calculator to measure the amount of oxygen used by bacteria to metabolize organic material in water.
  • Bacteria Growth Rate Calculator calculator to measure the dependence of the growth rate on the substrate concentration of bacteria or aerobic metabolism.
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  • MPG calculator calculator to find an estimation about your fuel consumption, fuel economy and fuel total price for your trip.
  • Speed calculator calculate the speed, distance and time, using two out of three metrics.
  • Drive time calculator calculate the drive time based on the distance of travel and the average speed.
  • Tesla Charging Cost Calculator calculate the cost to charge a Tesla and the driving cost based on car efficiency and distance
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  • quarter-mile-calculator You can use this quarter mile calculator to determine the terminal speed (trap speed) and quarter-mile elapsed time (ET) of a vehicle based on its weight and power.
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