Dew Point (Temperature) Calculator

Relative Humidity
Dewpoint  =  -44.71 °C or -48.48 °F

Dew point calculator to find the dewpoint temperature below which water vapor begin to change water droplets and dew can form, from the atmospheric temperature & relative humidity.
Dew point Formula :
`TD =243.04\times(ln((RH)/100)+((17.625*T)/(243.04+T)))/(17.625-ln((RH)/100)-((17.625*T)/(243.04+T)))`

TD → Dew Point in Celsius
T → Temperature in Celsius
RH → Relative Humidity

Dew Point

Dew Point is the temperature below which the moisture in the air becomes water droplets and forms dew. The temperature changes based on the relative humidity, temperature & pressure of atmosphere. The ideal dewpoint temperature is anywhere between -4.5° C to 15.5° C to avoid discomfort of human beings, however, the ideal value of dew point will change based on relative humidity, temperature & pressure of atmosphere. To find the dew point of water vapor (moisture) in the air, users can utilize the above formula for paperwork calculation, whereas for quick calculation, users can use this dew point calculator with the known input values of atmospheric temperature and relative humidity of air.