Differential Microstrip Impedance Calculator

Thickness (T)
Width (W)
Height (h)
Trace Separation(d)
Dielectric Constant(εr)
Zd  =  70.61Ω
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Differential microstrip impedance calculator is an online electronic tool to measure the opposition to alternating current. Microstrip is the conducting medium used to transmit the electric signals at microwave frequency and fabricated using PCB - printed circuit board. Usually Microstrip separated from the ground by using dielectric substrate to avoid the unnecessary interferences. Microstrips are very lighter and low power consuming components used in microwave technology such as antennas, couplers etc. When designing Microstrip components, calculating differential microstrip impedance is more significant. To calculate relative dielectric constant, this online differential microstrip impedance calculator can assist you to compute the opposition to alternating current based on the input values of trace width, thickness, dielectric thickness, trace separation and dielectric constant. The impedance always represented by Z. It can be derived from the mathematical formula
Differential Microstrip Impedance Formula
w is the width of strip
t is the thickness of strip
h is the dielectric thickness
d is the trace separation
Er is the dielectric constant of substrate
Zd Relative dielectric constant