Capacitive and Inductive Reactance Calculator

Capacitive Reactance XC  =  0.0006Ω
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Capacitive or inductive reactance calculator is an online tool for electrical and electronic circuits to measure the electrical resistance of the Capacitor and Inductor. The passive components capacitors and inductors are the most widely used in electrical and electronic circuits. It is important to calculate the Capacitive and Inductive Reactance while designing the circuits.

Capacitive Reactance

The Capacitive reactance XC varies inversely with the frequency of the applied AC voltage. Therefore, the capacitor allows higher frequency currents more easily than the low frequency currents. For DC voltages the capacitive reactance will be infinity. Therefore a capacitor blocks all DC voltage or current. The reactance of the capacitor XC can be mathematically derived from the formula
Capacitive Reactance Calculation and Formula

Inductive Reactance

The inductance is the passive component widely used in electronic circuits. It stores the energy in the form of magnetic field and opposes any change in current. This opposition in change in current is called as inductance. The inductance XL varies directly proportional to the amount of current flowing through it. The inductor allows very low frequency currents more easily and opposes higher frequency currents. The reactance of the inductor XL can be mathematically derived from the formula
Inductive Reactance Calculation and Formula