• Fat Free Mass Index FFMI Calculator helps us to calculate fat free mass index based on height, weight and body fat.
  • Weight gain calculator The Weight Gain Calculator helps us to estimate how many calories we need to eat eat a day to increase weight
  • Weight loss calculator The Weight Loss Calculator helps us to estimate how many calories we need to eat a day to decrease weight
  • Body Fat calculator The Body Fat Calculator estimates our body fat percentage
  • Ideal Body Weight Calculator The Ideal Weight Calculator computes ideal body weight ranges with respect to gender and height
  • Blood Type Calculator The blood type calculator can give the possible blood types for your child based on parents blood type
  • Water Intake Calculator Water intake calculator can help you calculate water intake based on the body weight and the daily duration of workout.

Health Calculators

By many definitions, be healthy means, physically, mentally, and feel socially good. With daily behavior and habits, we can contribute a lot to the improvement of our health. It is recommended to combine different types of foods and take in all the necessary nutrients for our body to function properly. Also, it is desirable to moderate engage in physical activity. Certain foods are rich in substances that are necessary for the body to function normally, but also in those nutrients that keep us healthy. Among them, proteins and vitamins are at the forefront, which should be taken daily, but you should not overdo it! If we eat too many healthy foods, we can achieve a counter-effect and gain a few kilograms, but also cause a health problem. Our calculators will help to monitor the parameters of your health.