Solar Panel (Power) Calculator

Wiring Type
Solar Panel Quantity
Panel Power
Panel Voltage
Total Power   =   70 watts
System Voltage   =   8 V
System Current   =   8.75 A
Panel Efficiency   =   77777.78 %
Total Area   =   0.0009 m²
Total Width   =   0.1 m

Solar Panel Calculator is an online tool used in electrical engineering to estimate the total power output, solar system output voltage and current when the number of solar panel units connected in series or parallel, panel efficiency, total area and total width. These estimations can be derived from the input values of number of solar panels, each panel unit power and voltage, width and height of the panel and the wiring type. Solar panel calculator sometimes also called as solar panel estimator. Because these are all the estimation not that accurate values of output due to its power and voltage losses of the circuit. In order to estimate how many solar panels are required to produce determined output quantities, all the above said calculations should be taken into consideration.