OHM's Law Calculator

Voltage  =  50V
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OHM's law calculator is an online tool to measure any one of the unknown quantity of voltage, current or resistance by the two known quantities.

Voltage, Current and Resistance are the major factors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering to analyze, design and test the circuits. So to know the relationship between these three is vital in electronic circuits. The relationship can be easily known and solved by OHM's Law which states that the electric current passing through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference applied across the conductor. The OHM's Law can be represented by the three mathematical formulas. as follows

Voltage V = I x R
Current I = V/R
Resistance R = V/I

Refer this below image to easily remember the formula
Ohm's Law Formula - Easy Reference

Any two known quantities of V, I and R are enough and the OHM's Law will be used to calculate the unknown quantity. To calculate the Voltage, please enter the values of Current I and the Resistance R. The multiplication of these I and R produces the resulting Voltage. To calculate the current, just provide the values of Voltage V and Resistance R. The Voltage V divided by the Resistance R produce the resulting Current I. To calculate Resistance R, please provide the values of Voltage V and Current I. The Voltage V divided by the Current I produces the resulting resistance value R.