X is What Percent of Y Calculator

525 is 87.5% of 600

X is What % of Y? - work with steps

Input Data :
X = 525
Y = 600

Objective :
Find 525 is what % of 600?

What % `= (X /Y) \times 100`

Solution :
525 is what % of 600 `= (525 /600) \times 100`
`= 52500/600`
525 is what % of 600 = 87.5
525 is 87.5% of 600

X is what percent of Y calculator uses two positive values $X$ and $Y$ and calculate what percentage of $Y$ is $X$. It is an online mathematical tool requires two positive real numbers $X$ and $Y$ and find the percentage of $\frac{X}{Y}$.
It is necessary to follow the next steps:

  1. Enter two positive real numbers $X$ and $Y$ in the box;
  2. Press the "GENERATE WORK" button to make the computation;
  3. $X$ is what percent of $Y$ calculator will give what percent is the first number of the second one.
Input : Two positive real numbers;
Output : The result is a percent value, i.e. a positive real number and $\%$ after the number.

$X$ is What Percent of $Y$ Formula:
$X$ is what percent of $Y$ is given by the formula
$$X\;{\rm is\;what\;percent\;of}\;Y=\Big(\frac{X}{Y}\Big)\times 100\%,\quad X,Y> 0$$

where $X$ and $Y$ are part and the base, respectively.

$X$ is What Percent of $Y$

In a percent proportion, one of the numbers is called the part and it is compared to the whole magnitude, named the base. The other ratio is the percent, which base is $100$. Therefore,

The percent equation is an equivalent form of the percent proportion in which the percent is written as a decimal. The percent equation can be written by
where rate is the ratio that the percent represents. In terms of "$X$ is what percent of $Y$", the variables $X$ and $Y$ represent the part and the base, respectively. The previous equation can be written equivalently by
$${\rm percent}=\Big(\frac{X}{Y}\Big)\times 100\%,\quad \quad X,Y> 0$$
So, $Y$ is compared to $X$.

How to calculate $X$ is What Percent of $Y$?

To determine $X$ is what percent of $Y$, divide $X$ by $Y$ and multiply the result by $100$ to get the percentage. Note that these numbers must be positive real numbers.
The percentage work with steps shows the complete step-by-step calculation for finding $X$ is What Percent of $Y$ with the part $X=10$ and the base $Y=500$. For any other combinations of the part $X$ and the base $Y$, just supply values of the part and the base and click on the "GENERATE WORK" button. The grade school students may use this $X$ is what percent of $Y$ calculator to generate the work, calculate the percentage of some parts of another part, represent numbers as percents, verify the results or do their homework problems efficiently.

Real World Problems Using $X$ is What Percent of $Y$

The main application of this formula is to compare $X$ and $Y$ using percentages. For example, we get $17$ points out of $20$ in a math test. What percentage is this? The rate formula can be used to calculate the many taxes such as VAT, income tax, insurance tax, etc. This formula can be also used as a conversion rate. This is the percentage of visitors to website that convert. It can be calculated by dividing the number of conversions in a given time frame by the total number of people who visited the site and multiply it by $100\%$. Therefore,

$${\rm conversion\;rate}=\Big(\frac{\rm conversions }{ \rm total\; visitors}\Big)\times 100\%$$
Tracking conversion rates allow us to measure the properties of web pages. In this way, we can identify areas which need improvement.

What Percent of Y Practice Problems

Practice Problem 1:
A class has $35$ children. If $12$ are boys what percentage of girls are in the class?

Practice Problem 2:
What percent of $64$ is $16$?

The $X$ is what percent of $Y$ calculator, formula, example calculation (work with steps), real world problems and practice problems would be very useful for grade school students (K-12 education) to learn how to find what percentage of one number is the second one. This concept is very useful in almost all fields of life and science.