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Percentage Calculator is an online math tool to calculate the percentage of a number relative to the whole reference number. The formula, step by step calculation & solved example problems may used to understand how to calculate the percentage of marks, interest rate or between any relative quantities. Percentage is a number or ratio always expressed as a fraction of 100 and is denoted by the symbol %. The simplest way to calculate percentage is to divide the given number as numerator by the relative total number as denominator and then multiplying the answer by 100 will gives the percentage. In other words, it's a dimensionless number obtained from the multiplication of 100 to the ratio of relative quantity to reference quantity.

Percentage calculator may used for the following reasons
1. To calculate what is X% of Y?
2. To calculate X is what percentage of Y?


The pecentage of two relative quantities or number can be calculated by the below mathematical formula.

formula to calculate the percentage

Step by Step Calculation

step 1: divide the relative number (numerator) by the reference number (denominator)
step 2: multiply 100 to the answer from division provides the percentage of the given relative number or numerator

Solved Example Problems

THis below solved example problems may used to understand how the values are being used in the percentage formula.

Solved Example 1: A student has scored 190 marks out of 200 in mathematics. Find the percentage of marks he scored in mathematics?

The mark scored 190 is considered as relative quantity as numerator
The whole mark 200 is considered as reference quantity as denominator

Percentage formula
(Relative Quantity/Reference Quantity) x 100

divide the numerator 190 by denominator 200
= 190/200
= 0.95

multiply 100 to the answer from the above division

= 0.95 x 100
= 95%
The percentage of mark he scored is 95%

Solved Example 2:
A borrower returned 1,250 USD for the loan amount of 1,000 USD after a year since he borrowed. Find what percentage of principal he returned as interest?

Returned Amount = 1250 USD
Principal amount = 1000 USD
Interest Amount = 1250 - 1000 = 250 USD

= (250/1000) x 100
= 0.25 x 100
= 25%
25% of principal amount he paid as interest for a year.

Generally, percentage is a number or ratio expressed in 100. It's often used in various fields to express the quantity in percentage. By using this calculator users may find the percentage of 10, +12 & graduation marks, interest, conversion rate, increase rate, decrease rate etc. The above formula can be used to find the percentage manually, however, when it comes to online for quick answers, this percentage calculator may used to perform & verify the results of such calculations.

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