Percentage Difference Calculation

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Percentage Difference Calculator

Percentage Difference Calculator is a mathematical tool to calculate the percentage difference between two given numbers. A percentage difference is a way to express a number as a fraction of a whole. To calculate a percentage difference, divide the absolute difference of the two values by the average value of the same two values and then multiplying the answer by 100 will gives the percentage difference of the relative number with respect to the reference number. The percentage difference can be calculated from the formula below
Percentage Difference Formula & Calculation

For example if you want to calculate the percent difference between two numbers 20 and 10; then the calculation as follows:

Percent Difference = ((20 - 10) / ((20 + 10) / 2)) x 100;
                   = (10 / 15) x 100;
                   = 66.66%
The percent difference is employed in more general applications and other scientific and engineering fields. When it comes to quick calculation for percentage difference, this online percent difference calculator is an essential tool to make your calculations easy

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