Fraction Comparison - Calculator

Compare Fractions - Example & Calculator

Fractions comparison calculator is an online tool to find which one is bigger or smaller among two regular or irregular fraction numbers. Finding which is greater or smaller from the group of fractions is bit difficult when it compares to normal decimal number comparison. By using LCD (least common denominator) provides the better way for fractions comparison.

Fraction Comparison - Example

The below solved example calculation shows how to find perform fraction comparison between regular & irregular fractions.

Note :
All the denominators must be equal to perform the comparison. Bring the denominators equal to each other and compare the numerators. The higher valued numerator is a bigger fraction, similarly the lower valued numerator is the smaller fraction.

Example :
Which is Bigger?
Example Problem :
Compare fractions 7/9 and 3/4 and write which is bigger?
Answer :
7/9 ? 3/4
= {(7 x 36)/(9 x 36)} ? {(3 x 36)/(4 x 36)}
= {(7 x 4)/36} ? {(3 x 9)/36}
= 28/36 ? 27/36
= 28/36 > 27/36
From the comparison between fractions 7/9 and 3/4, it is clearly seen that 28/36 is the bigger fraction. Users can refer the example to learn how to perform the fraction comparison or use this calculator to verify the results.