Radical (Nth Root) Calculator

3 125 = 5

Radical Number

Radical Calculator is a simple tool used to calculate the Nth Root of the given real number which has the Nth radical value. In this radical calculator Y is a positive real number and x is a Nth root or radical power. Roots are often written using the radical symbol , with √Y, denoting the square root, 3√Y, denoting the cube root, 4√Y denoting the fourth root, and so on. The Nth of a real number Y can also be represented as Y1/n. When a number is presented under the square root symbol, it must return only one result like a function, so a non-negative real root, called the principal nth root, is preferred rather than others. An unresolved root, especially one using the radical symbol, is generally referred to as a surd or a radical

When you are working with radical numbers, there may be the instance arises, where the calculation for Nth highly in demand. In such instance this online radical calculator is an essential tool to make your Nth root calculations easy in fraction of time