Cube and Cube Root Calculator

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Cube Value  =  512
Cube Root  =  2

Cube and Cube Root - work with steps

Input Data :
Given Number = 8

Objective :
Find what is cube value & cube root value for given number?

Formula :
Cube Value = `(Number)^3`
Cube Root Value = `(Number)^(1/3)`

Solution :
Cube value = `(8)^3`
Cube value = 512

Cube Root = `(8)^(1/3)`
Cube Root = 2

Cube and Cube Root

Cube Root Calculator is an online tool used to calculate Cube and Cube Root Value of a given number. In geometry, a cube is a three dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, facets or sides, with three meeting at each vertex. The formula for calculating the Cube of the number is X = a3 and for calculating the Cube Root of a number is sqrt[3]{x}