Hex to Decimal, Binary, Octal Converter

Hex Decimal Value
Decimal  =  72
Binary  =  1001000
Octal  =  110

Hex to Decimal, Binary, Octal Conversion - work with steps

Input Data :
Hex Number = 48

Objective :
Find what decimal binary, octal from given hex value?

Solution :
Hexa Decimal to Decimal
`48_16 = (4 \times 16^1) + (8 \times 16^0)`

`48_16 = 64 + 8`

`48_16 = 72_10`Hexa Decimal to Binary
Write equivalent binary for given hexa decimal value

`48_16 = 01001000_2`

Hexa Decimal to Octal
Convert Hexa Decimal number to binary

`48_16 = 01001000_2`

Convert Binary Number into Octal Number
Split the binary number from left to right each group 3 bits

`01001000_2 = 110_8`

Hex Converter is an online tool specially programmed to perform the computations of Hex to Binary Conversion, Hex to Decimal Conversion and Hex to Octal Conversion. This Hex calculator converts the given Hex input values into equivalent Decimal, Binary, and Octal values

In digital electronics the number conversion is more essential to designing a circuit. In mathematics and computer science, Hex also called as base 16 or hex is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. It uses sixteen distinct symbols, most often the symbols from 0 to 9 to represent values zero to nine, and A, B, C, D, E, F or alternatively from alphabet A to F to represent values ten to fifteen. More common the Hex values are used to represent computer memory size

Hex to Decimal Converter

This below example is the basic principle used in this Hexadecimal to Decimal conversion. Convert the Hex number 2AF3 into its equivalent Decimal Number. The Hex number 2AF3 can be written as in the below form. The sum of all the units yield the equivalent decimal value

Hex to Binary Converter

This below example is the basic principle used in this Hexadecimal to Binary conversion. To calculate the equivalent binary number for a given Hex number, each digit of a hex number is individually converted to its binary equivalent. For example the equivalent binary number for 3FDH can be written as
3 = 0011; F = 1111; D = 1101
The Binary Number = 0011 1111 1101

Hex to Octal Converter

This below example is the basic principle used in this Hexadecimal to Octal conversion. The easiest way to convert Hex number to octal number is converting hex number to its equivalent binary number and convert it to its equivalent octal number
For example the equivalent Octal number for 25BH can be derived as
Hex to Binary Conversion
2 = 0010; 5 = 0101; B = 1011
The Binary Number = 0010 0101 1011
Now the hexa decimal equivalent Binary numbers can be converted into equivalent octal numbers. To do so, split the binary number into segments having 3 bits each to find out the equivalent octal for the binary number
001 = 1; 001 = 1; 011 = 3; 011 = 3
The Octal Number = 11338

When it comes to online calculation, this Hex Calculator can assist you to calculate the equivalent Decimal, Binary and Octal values for the given hexa value. These number conversions are heavily employed in Electronics Circuit Design, Data Structure, Programming, Digital Transmission, Satellite Communication, Encoding and Decoding Techniques, etc.