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e4  =  54.5982

ex - e Raised to Power x - work with steps

Input Data :
x value = 4

Objective :
Find what is e4?

Solution :
e = 2.718281828
e4 = (2.718281828)4
e4 = 54.5981

e-Raised to Power x

e^x - e Raised to Power x Calculator is an online arithmetic tool for number conversion programmed to calculate the equivalent number value for the given input value of x. ex is the exponential function with a rate of change proportional to the function itself is expressible in terms of the exponential function; where e is the number also called as Napier's Number and its approximate value is 2.718281828. x is the power value of the exponent e. Based on the exponent e value 2.718281828 and raised to the power of x it has its own derivative. Generally, calculating e power x value is bit confusing. Therefore when it comes to online calculation, this e Raised to Power x Calculator can assist you to find out the required values to the given value of input x