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Water Intake calculator?

Drinking the right amount of water is so important for your body, determining the amount of water that you should drink depend on a lot of factors the most importants factors are the body weight and the activity level, Water intake calculator is a tool that can calculate instantly an estimation of the essential amount of water you should drink daily.

How to use Water intake calculator?
1- Change the Unit System, you can use either choose the Imperial System (lbs) or the Metric System (kg).
2- Enter your Body weight
3- Enter the Duration of Workout, this field is required to be able to calculate the result so if you don't practice any exercises just enter 0.
Once you enter the Body weight and Duration of workout the result will be automatically calculated and set in the result input.

How to calculate Water Intake manually

In this section we will see how to calculate the water intake manually using a formula, then we will present an example.

Let's suppose that:

  • WI is the water intake (ounce)
  • BW is the Body Weight (lbs)
  • DW is the Duration of workout (min/day)
To calculate the water intake you can use the formula below:
WI = BW * 2 / 3 + DW / 30 * 12

Let's suppose that your body weight is 80 kg and the Duration of the workout is 1 hour per day so 60 min/day.
Before we use the formula we should convert the body weight to lbs, so 80 kg = 80 * 2.20462262 lbs = 176.3698 lbs.
Your water intake will be:
WI = 176.3698 * 2 / 3 + 60 / 30 * 12 = 141.58 ounces
Now we can convert the WI to liters, WI = 141.58 * 0.0295735 liters = 4.19 liters