Wire Length & Coil Frequency Calculator

Coil Frequency
Wire Length  =  4731.98feet
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Wire length and coil frequency calculator is an online tool for electrical and electronic circuits to measure the Wire Length and the Coil frequency based on the values of coil frequency in khz and wire length in feet respectively. This calculator let you know how many feet of wire required to generate the desired frequency and also let you know how much frequency can be generated based on the Coil Length. To calculate the wire length, by using this calculator, select the Wire length in the drop down menu. Enter the frequency range and pressing Calculate button can intimate you how much length of wire you required to wind to generate the required frequency. To find out the frequency range simply select the Coil Frequency from drop down menu, enter the length of coil in feet and click on the calculate button intimate you the output range of frequency based on the coil length and winding.