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Mixed Number to (Irregular) Fraction Conversion - Example & Calculator

Mixed number to fraction Converter is an online tool to find the equivalent fraction for the given mixed number. Refer the example calculation to know how to perform mixed number to irregular fraction conversion.

Conversion From Mixed Number to Fraction - Example

The below solved example calculation shows how to convert mixed number to fraction.

Note :
Mixed number is a number which consists of whole number and regular fraction. To convert mixed number to fraction, add the numerator to the product of denominator and whole number divided by the same denominator. The result is always irregular fraction.

Example :
Mixed number to fraction conversion.
Example Problem :
Convert 7 1/3 to its equivalent fraction?
Answer :
7 1/3 = ?
= {(3 x 7) + 1}/3
= (21 + 1)/3
= 22/3
7 1/3 is equal to 22/3. Users can refer the example to learn how to perform mixed number to fraction conversion or use this calculator to verify the results.

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