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Antilog or Inverse Logarithm Formula, Solved Example & Calculator

Antilog Calculator commonly called as Anti Log or Inverse Log calculator, is an online tool used to calculate Inverse Log values with respect to the base values. No need to carry log tables anymore, user may perform quick calculations by using this calculator.

AntiLog or Inverse Logarithm

The anti-log is simply known as inverse log calculation. As the name implies, if you know the logarithm of a number, you can compute the initial value of the number itself by taking the antilog. The anti logarithm is defined as y = antilog x = 10x

Anti-log Example

For example, if you want to compute the antilogarithm of 3.5. Clearly, since 3.5 is a number between 3 and 4, the antilogarithm will result in some number between 1000 and 10,000. If more accuracy is required, this online anti-log calculator can help you out find out the exact value of the given input. Since Log and antilog are inverse functions, then this means that
10Log x = x, and Log 10x = x

As a general rule, logarithm or anti log functions operate on numbers that are unit less. You can use this above method to modify the formula to solve different desired quantities. The above example may useful for users to understand how to compute antilog for the logarithm number, however, when it comes to online for quick calculations, this anti-log calculator may useful to perform the calculation as quick as possible.

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