Vapor Pressure Calculator

Actual Vapour Pressure  =  2 hPa
Saturated Vapor Pressure  =  1.91 hPa
Relative Humidity  =  104.71 %

Vapor pressure of air calculator to find the actual & saturated vapor pressure and relative humidity of air. To find the pressure of gaseous form of liquid, users can utilize the above formula for paperwork calculation, whereas for quick calculation, users can use this vapor pressure calculator with the known input values of temperature and dew point of air.
Formula for Vapor pressure
`e = 6.11\times10^((7.5*TD)/(237.3 + TD)) `
`es = 6.11\times10^((7.5*T)/(237.3 + T)) `
`RH = e/(es) \times 100`

e → Actual Vapor Pressure
es → Saturated Vapor Pressure
TD → Dewpoint
T → Air Temperature
RH → Relative Humidity