Heat Index Calculator

Relative Humidity
Heat Index (HI)  =  20.18

Real feel heat index (HI) calculator to find the apparent air temperature which combines relative humidity & air temperature. The ideal heat index ranges from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 101 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity ranges from 40% to 100%. The lower and higher heat index increases the human discomfort in both indoor & outdoor spaces. To find the felt air temperature, users can utilize the above formula for paperwork calculation, whereas for quick calculation, users can use this real feel heat index calculator with the known input values of temperature and relative humidity of air.
Heat Index Formula :
`HI = -42.379 + (2.04901523*T)+(10.14333127* RH )-(0.22475541 * T * RH)-(6.83783*10^(-3)*T^2)-(5.481717*10^-2*(RH)^2)+(1.22874*10^-3*T^2*RH) +(8.5282 *10^-4*T*((RH)^2))-(1.99*10^-6*T^2*(RH)^2) `
TD → Dew Point in Celsius
T → Temperature in Celsius
RH → Relative Humidity