Weekly Loan Interest & Rate Calculator

Weekly Loan
No.of Weeks
APR (Annual Percentage Rate)  =  119.18%
Weekly Interest Rate  =  2.29%
Total Interest Cost  =  8000USD

Weekly Loan Interest & Rate Calculator is a personal finance assessment calculator to calculate APR - annual percentage rate, weekly interest rate and total interest cost based on the input values of loan amount, number of weeks and total repayment after the loan period. Generally weekly loans are the short time loan which offered by the various short term loan providers from the different states of the country. This is the agreement between you and the loan provider as it states that you are agreed to pay the money in return along with the interest specified in the agreement. Interest rate associated with weekly loan varies based on the local jurisdiction and the loan providers. Therefore calculating and comparing every aspects of weekly loan is become vital step when you want to apply for a loan. So when it comes to online calculation, this weekly loan calculator can assist you to determine which loan provider provides you the best value by comparing different loans available in the finance market.