Student Loan Calculator

Student Loan
Interest rate (%)
% per year
Loan terms
Monthly Payment  =  2183.01USD
Total Interest Cost  =  10980.56USD
Total Repayment  =  130980.56USD

Student Loan Calculator is an online personal finance assessment tool for students who want to get financial assistance for education to determine the monthly payment, total interest and repayment that you have to pay in return. The principal, period of time and the interest rate are the key terms necessary to perform the comparison between different loan providers to select the best option which suits your financial suituation. There are many options which supports particularly for students to continue their education without any hussle. Due to the availability of large number of loan providers with attractive options, selecting the best student loan is very important to prevent unnecessary payments against your loan. This online student loan calculator can assist you to perform the comparison to select the best student loan from the finance market.