Loan Repayment Calculator

Loan Amount
Interest rate (%)
% per year
Loan terms
Monthly Payment  =  3565.64USD
Total Repayment  =  85575.28USD
Total Interest Cost  =  10575.28USD

Loan Repayment Calculator is a personal finance assessment calculator to calculate monthly payment, total interest payment and total reapayment based on the input values of principal, interest rate and the number of months or years. Loans are become essential part of life fulfil the needs on time by getting the financial aid from the money lending institutions such as banks and other financial institutions. When you opt for borrowing money as it usually called as loan, there are certain calculations you need to do to select the best loan from the finance market which will prevent you to making redundant payments against your loan and also assist you to wisely plan according to your financial status. So, in order to make your calculations easy, this loan payment calculator can assist you to determine which loans suits you best on your financial abilities.