Chart to Find Wise Return on Recurring Deposit

It's a recurring deposit returns quick reference chart preparation tool to find a wise return on series of investments for a certain period of time. It's a time value of money chart available in pdf, excel, printable & downloadable format. Recurring deposit chart also known as RD chart is a table of total returns for a series of monthly or yearly investments for certain period of time. The main objective of this chart is to provide investors a quick reference to determine which bank or financial institution provides the best recurring deposit investment plan.

x6.25% 6.5% 6.75% 7% 7.25% 7.5% 7.75% 8% 8.25% 8.5% 8.75% 9%
0Y 1M502.59502.69502.8502.9503503.11503.21503.31503.41503.52503.62503.72
0Y 2M1007.791008.11008.411008.721009.031009.341009.651009.961010.271010.581010.881011.19
0Y 3M1515.61516.221516.841517.471518.091518.711519.331519.961520.581521.21521.821522.44
0Y 4M2026.042027.082028.132029.172030.212031.252032.292033.332034.382035.422036.462037.5
0Y 5M2539.132540.72542.272543.842545.42546.972548.542550.112551.682553.252554.822556.39
0Y 6M3054.883057.083059.283061.493063.693065.93068.13070.313072.523074.733076.933079.14
0Y 7M3573.33576.243579.193582.143585.093588.0535913593.963596.913599.873602.833605.79
0Y 8M4094.44098.214102.014105.824109.634113.444117.254121.074124.894128.714132.534136.35
0Y 9M4618.214622.984627.754632.534637.314642.14646.884651.674656.474661.264666.074670.87
0Y 10M5144.735150.585156.445162.35168.165174.035179.915185.795191.685197.575203.465209.36
0Y 11M5673.985681.025688.085695.145702.25709.285716.365723.455730.545737.645744.755751.87
1 Years6205.976214.326222.696231.076239.456247.856256.256264.666273.096281.526289.966298.41
1Y 1M6740.716750.56760.296770.16779.936789.766799.616809.466819.336829.226839.116849.02
1Y 2M7278.237289.567300.917312.277323.657335.047346.457357.877369.317380.777392.247403.73
1Y 3M7818.537831.537844.547857.587870.637883.77896.87909.917923.057936.27949.377962.57
1Y 4M8361.638376.418391.228406.058420.98435.788450.688465.618480.568495.548510.548525.57
1Y 5M8907.558924.248940.958957.78974.488991.289008.129024.999041.889058.819075.779092.76
1Y 6M9456.299475.019493.769512.559531.379550.249569.139588.079607.049626.049645.099664.17
1Y 7M10007.8810028.7510049.6610070.6210091.6210112.6610133.7510154.8810176.0510197.2710218.5310239.84
1Y 8M10562.3310585.4810608.6710631.9210655.2310678.5810701.9810725.4410748.9510772.5110796.1210819.79
1Y 9M11119.6511145.211170.8111196.4911222.2211248.0111273.8711299.7811325.7611351.811377.911404.06
1Y 10M11679.8511707.9411736.111764.3211792.6211820.9811849.4211877.9311906.5111935.1611963.8811992.68
1Y 11M12242.9612273.7112304.5412335.4512366.4412397.5112428.6712459.9112491.2212522.6312554.1112585.68
2 Years12808.9912842.5312876.1612909.8912943.7112977.6213011.6313045.7413079.9313114.2213148.6113183.09
How it differ from other traditional Recurring Deposit calculators?

According to the bank like different financial institutions provide various investment plans. A smarter financial institutions design the various investment plans that may easily attract the investors but comparing and selecting the best investment plan may completely responsible by investors, therefore calculating the best return on investment becomes very essential. The traditional recurring deposit calculator generally may allows user to calculate the total return on investment, effective yield and total investment as series of recurring deposits for a set of certain monthly deposit, interest rate and period of time. In contrast, this chart to find out the best return on recurring deposit investment plan provides the matrix of returns on recurring deposits for range of different interest rates and time periods, so it can reduce the frequency of using it multiple times to find the right return on recurring deposits. The main objective of this chart is to help users to make the comparison very simple, in the way it is provided and to select the wise recurring deposit plan.

Who can use this RD chart?
  1. Investors looking for month based investments
  2. Bank & insurance companies like financial institutions
How to Use this tool to prepare RD Chart?

To determine the total return on recurring deposits for a certain amount of monthly contributions, follow the below steps to prepare an RD chart based on the different percentage and time period ranges.

  1. Enter the Monthly Deposit amount
  2. Select the compound interest percentage range
  3. Select the Time Period by date range
  4. Hit Generate table to get the RD table generated
How to use this RD chart?

The main purpose of this chart is to provide a better user experience to perform the comparison between the return on investments to select a better RD plan. In the generated table of total returns for different percentage and time period ranges, look for best RD plan and note down the percentage rate which is provided in the first row and time period in number of months provided in the first column of this RD chart.

Recurring Deposit Calculator

To add more insight to the desired ROI calculation, the recurring deposit calculator is integrated with in this RD chart. The generated RD chart contains a matrix of ROI values to select from. Hit on a desired total return redirect the user to the respective recurring deposit calculator for more insight; where user may find detailed recurring deposit calculation or more information of how much monthly investment, interest rate, compounding frequency and time period each total return on investments consist of.

How can financial institutions make use of it?

Any bank like financial institutions may use this tool and prepare the RD chart to explain to the investors about the variations on the ROI based on the different set interest rates and time periods for a certain amount of monthly deposits.

How can investors make use of it?

Any investors may calculate the suitable or best investment plan by referring the matrix of ROI based on the variations of interest rates and time periods for a certain amount of monthly deposits.

How to download a copy of this RD chart in pdf?

This RD chart is available in downloadable format. Users can download this RD chart alone except other content of this page in the following way.

  1. Follow the above 4 steps given for How to Use this tool to prepare an RD Chart?
  2. Click on the pdf button provided on the top left side corner of this page to get the RD chart alone in pdf format
How to download a copy of this RD chart in excel?

This RD chart is also available in excel format. Due to technical reasons, this excel format RD chart only available for default values only. This format alone will not support user supplied values.

  1. Click on the excel button provided on the top left side corner of this page to get the RD chart in EXCEL format
How to get a print out of this RD chart?

This RD chart is also available in printable format. The print can be taken in many ways but using the above print button provided on the top left side corner of this page only print the RD chart alone.

  1. 1. Follow the above 4 steps given for How to Use this tool to prepare an RD Chart?
  2. 2. Click on the Print button to get the RD chart alone