555 Timer IC Frequency & Time Interval Calculator

Time Interval for Positive Cycle Tp  =  9.702ms
Time Interval for Negative Cycle Tn  =  4.158ms
Frequency  =  0.072kHz
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555 timer IC calculator is an online electronic tool to measure the Frequency, Time Interval for positive and Negative cycles. This calculator computes the output values based on the input values of Resistancea, Resistanceb and the capacitance value in farads. The 555 Timer Ic is an integrated circuit working on Monostable, Astable and Bistable modes; used in various timer units to generate pulse signal generation and oscillator applications. When it comes to calculate the positive cycle time interval Tp, negative cycle time interval Tn and Frequency, this online 555 Timer IC calculator can assist you to obtain your calculations easy.