Instrumentation Amplifier Calculation

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Instrumentation Amplifier Calculator

Instrumentation Amplifier Calculator is an online tool used in electronics and measurement circuits to calculate the output voltage of the circuit based on the input values of V1, V2, R1, R2, R3 and R4.

In electronics circuits Instrumentation Amplifier is highly employed to test and measure the physical quantities like temperature, humidity, light intensity, water flow, pressure, electromagnetic etc. Instrumentation Amplifiers having the important characteristics of high gain accuracy, high Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMMR), high gain stability, low temperature coefficient, low DC offset and low output impedance. To drive the display system to measure the physical quantities the amplified transducers output is used in the system. The transducer is the sensor unit that converts one form of energy into another and it is used in various electronic applications. The Instrumentation amplifier is used to amplify the Transducers output to measure the quantity through the display system. The below equation is used in Instrumentation Amplifier Calculator to measure the V out.
Instrumentation Amplifier Output Voltage calculation & Formula