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Altman Z-score Value  =  4.9325

Altman Z-score Calculator is an online probability tool for data analysis, programmed to predict the quick financial assessment according to the value of Z-score probability that a firm will go into bankruptcy within two years by using actual financial data available to the firm. The Altman Z-score in practice uses multiple business income and balance sheet values to evaluate the financial health of a company. Altman applied the statistical method of discriminate analysis to a dataset of publicly held manufacturers. The estimation was originally based on data from publicly held manufacturers, but has since been re-estimated based on other data sets for private manufacturing, non-manufacturing and service companies.


Altman's Z is commonly employed to assess financial distress. The Altman's Z-score can be calculated from four or five linear combinations of business ratios, weighted by coefficients. Altman's Z is a weighted composite of financial indicators relating to profitability, revenue, slack resources, and market return (Altman, 1968). When interpreting Altman's Z-Score, higher values indicate that firms carry out more actions at a fast pace, while low scores indicate that firms carry out few total actions and respond slowly.

The predetermined cut-off scores will be compared to the obtained Z-score value. The assumed values of Altman's score that with a Z-Score less than 1.8 were likely to experience bankruptcy; companies with a Z-score 1.8 to 2.99 were in a zone of ignorance, or a grey zone in which distress may or may not be impending. Last, companies with a Z-score greater than 2.99 were likely to be financially sound. However, there is no single formula that has the power to predict the future; Z-Score users should look at the trend of the business over time as they interpret the score rather than just looking at the score itself, which is only a snapshot in time.

Altman's Z-score include the following general analysis
1. For public manufacturing firms, a Z-score more than or equal to 3.0 shows the solvency, where a score less than or equal to 1.8 indicates likely suffering
2. For private manufacturing firms, a Z-score more than or equal to 2.9 shows the positive score, where a score less than or equal to 1.23 indicates likelihood of bankruptcy
3. For private, non-manufacturing firms, a Z-score more than or equal to 2.6 indicates that the bankruptcy is unlikely about to be happening and a score of 1.1 or useful in forecasting bankruptcy as it was to predict other suffering conditions

The commonly accepted cut-off criteria is a separate bankruptcy analysis model employed in Altman's Z-score calculator. This calculator may provide useful financial distress forecasting in firms functioning in a broad variety of industries.