Blended Rate Mortgage Calculator

Loan 1 Amount
Loan 1 Interest
% per Year
Loan 1 Mortgage Term
Loan 2 Amount
Loan 2 Interest
% per Year
Loan 2 Mortgage Term
Monthly Payment Loan1  =  1183.67USD
Monthly Payment Loan2  =  1189.88USD
Blended Monthly Payment  =  2373.55USD
Blended Interest Rate  =  4.3696%
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Blended Rate Mortgage Calculator is an online personal finance planning tool programmed to calculate the blended interest rate of the two mortgages. These two mortgages may have different principal, loan terms and interest rates. The combined interest rate calculation is often called as Blended rate. When it comes to online calculation, this Blended Rate Mortgage calculator can assist you to find out the overall average interest rate based on the input factors of the two mortgages.