Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Interest Rate (%)
% per year
Loan Terms
No. of Payment Made
New Loan Terms
Current Monthly Payment  =  1539.27USD
New Monthly Payment  =  2006.07USD
Extra Monthly Payment  =  466.8USD

Mortgage Refinance Calculator is an online personal finance assessment tool to calculate the monthly or periodic instalment to pay-off the loan payment on time. This online calculator allows the borrower to budget the money in such a way that how much is to be paid for your loan according to the new loan repayment terms.

Mortgage refinance calculation is the method of calculating new monthly repayment with respect to the new loan maturity period. Mortgage payoff calculation is employed when people tend to either increase or decrease their loan maturity period. The monthly repayment is directly proportional to the loan maturity period. The monthly payments get affected whenever the time has changed. Therefore calculating the necessary terms associated with the existing mortgage and the new mortgage agreement will become important to select the optimum new agreement to payoff the loan early or later period. These calculations can be easily done by the online calculators. Mortgage refinance calculator is one among the online calculators that will let you know the extra monthly payment, current and new monthly payment. The key terms loan amount, interest rate, loan maturity period, number of installments made and new maturity period are used to calculate the above said terms.