Metal Density Change Calculator

α - Material thermal expansion coefficient
p0 - Material density at reference temp
ΔT - Change in temperature
Material Density  =  0.0133kg/m³

Metal density change calculator - formula & step by step calculation to find the change of mass due to constant pressure & change of reference temperature. ρ = ρ0/(1 + (α x δT)). Material density at reference temperature ρ0 in kg/m3, material thermal expansion coefficient close to reference temperature α in Kelvin & change of reference temperature δT in Kelvin are the key terms of this calculation. Density is the mass of any material per unit volume.

Formula for Metal Density Change

In mechanical engineering, the below mathematical formula is used to calculate the change of density or mass per unit volume of the metal or material.

formula to calculate metal density change

In the field of mechanical engineering, sometime, it's important to analyse the metal characteristics due to pressure & temperature changes. The above formula & step by step calculation may useful for users to understand how the values are being used in the formula to metal density, however, when it comes to online for quick calculations, this metal density change calculator helps the user to perform & verify such heat transfer calculations as quick as possible.