Combustion Engine Compression Ratio Calculator

b - Cylinder bore diameter
s - Piston stroke length
Vc - Minimum clearance volume
Compression Ratio  =  105.7619

Combustion engine compression ratio calculator - formula & step by step calculation to find the ratio of the largest to smallest volume of the combustion chamber of combustion engines. CR = {[(π/4) x b2 x s] + Vc}/Vc. Cylinder bore diameter b in inches, piston stroke length s in inches & minimum clearance volume at the end of compression stroke Vc in in3 are the key terms of this calculation.

Formula for IC Engine Compression Ratio

The below mathematical formula is used to calculate the compression ratio of the combustion engines in mechanical engineering. Besides, the step by step calculation for each calculation performed by using this calculator let the users to know how to perform compression ratio calculation.
formula to calculate combustion engine compression ratio

In the field of mechanical engineering, sometimes, it's important to analyse compression ratio of combustion engines. The above formula & step by step calculation may be useful for users to understand how the values are being used in the formula to find the compression ratio, however, when it comes to online for quick calculations, this calculator helps the user to perform & verify such mechanical engineering calculations as quick as possible.