Term Deposit Calculator

Monthly Deposit Amount
Interest Rate (%)
% per year
Time Period
Compound Period
Total Returns  =  29022.95USD
Effective Yield  =  10.28%

Term Deposit Calculator is an online tool that is used to calculate the compound interest and total value of your term deposit over time. This Term Deposit Calculator specially programmed to computes the values of total interest and interest rates on the Deposits.

A Term Deposit is also known as time deposit or bond, the money deposit similar to savings account but, it earns higher interest and can not be withdrawn for a specific period of time. The time period is defined by the deposit plans introduced by the financial institution such as banks. The penalty will be taken for taking out or cancelling your Term Deposits. The bank will pay you at the prevailing rates for savings account most of the time. In order to calculate the total return, this term deposit calculator can assist yu to determine the best plan that possibily provides you the best returns on your deposit.