Short Term Deposit Calculator

Principle Amount
No. of Days
% per year
Return Amount  =  30332.88USD
Total Interest  =  332.88USD

Short Term Deposit Calculator is an online tool to calculate total interest and total returns of your deposit amount at the end of the maturity period. This online calculator allows the short term investor to know how much total interest the investor is going to get on his short term deposit. Generally, short time deposits provide higher interest rates. Making a choice of a short term deposit depends on your income level. For a low income level family, your investment can start with short term deposits. The advantages of starting with a short term deposits are many and vary from Bank to Bank. Short Term Deposits are investments for short periods of time. Usually the deposits time period may range from 1 month to 3 years. When it comes to estimate the outcomes, this short term deposit calculator not only assist you to figure out the total returns on your deposits and also assist you to compare different plans to select the best investment plan.