Stock Profit or Loss Calculator

No. of Shares Purchased
Buy Price per Share
Sell Price per Share
Buy Commission
Sell Commission
Share Purchased for  =  3750USD
Sold for  =  3930USD
Profit  =  179.8USD
Profit in percent  =  4.79

Stock Profit or Loss Calculator is an online share market tool to calculate the profit or loss incurred on your financial transaction based on the input values of total number of shares, purchased price, selling price, buying commission and selling commission.

Stock Profit is defined as the profit incurred when selling commodities more than the purchased price and broker's commission. Stock Loss is defined as the loss amount incurred when selling the commodities less than the purchased price and the broker's commission. When Buying or Selling the stocks one should consider the stock broker's commission which will be taken for every transaction of your stocks. The loss will be incurred while you selling the stocks at the same price at which you purchased. Because the Stock broker commission incurred while you buying and selling the stocks. When it comes to selling stocks it's very important to calculate the whether your selling is profitable. This calculation is bit confusing because the usage of broker commission. To make it easier, this online stock profit or loss calculator lets you to determine how much profit or loss will be occurred in your stock transactions.