RGB to Hex Code Converter

Hex  =  #FF96FF

RGB to Hex Converter is an online tool to perform the conversion of RGB values to Hex value of any color. RGB values are generally represented in percentage (%) or 8 bit range. For example, the White color can be represented by (100%, 100%, 100%) or (255, 255, 255). The first value of three values provided in the bracket represents the light intensity value of Red, second is for Green and the third one is for Blue. In this RGB to Hex converter, we are following the second method representing the input through 8 bits and each of these input field ranges from 0 to 255. Providing more than the specified value will return the invalid range error.

In electronics RGB color coding is playing a vital role for scanning, representing and displaying the images on the devices' screens like CRT, LED, Plasma, Computers and Televisions. Red, Green and Blue colors are considered to be the primary colors in electronics and these three colors can produce any color by mixing these three in various combinations. By beaming any color combinations of these three colors to the screen composed of the color elements will emitting the particular color based upon the input values of the Red, green and Blue lights intensity. For example, the full intensity light of each Red (255), Green (255) and Blue (255) will display the White color; likewise the zero values of all the color beams Red (0), Green (0) and Blue (0) will display the Black color. By changing the values of these three color beam intensity combinations one can generate any color and this model is still being considered as the finest model to scanning and representing the colors.

When it comes to color coding in CSS, sometimes the RGB color coding values may required to be converted in Hex color coding formats where this RGB to Hex converter is used to convert the RGB color values to Hex value. To get the Hex equivalent, provide the Red, Green and Blue values in the input fields provided; and clicking on the calculate button provide the Hex value.