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Gross Pay Calculator

Gross Pay Calculator is an online tool for salary calculation programmed to find out how much gross pay you can earn according to the input values of Regular Working Time per day, regular Payment per Hour and Extra Working Time and Payment per Hour if over time is applicable

Gross pay Definition

The Gross Pay is defined as an amount of pay, salary, wages or other type of compensation before any deductions such as taxes, insurance, loans, retirement benefit deductions etc. For example your regular pay is $10 per hour and you have worked for 8 hours; then your total regular payment will be $80. Assume you have worked 2 hours as over-time and your overtime pay per hour is $15; then the total overtime pay is $30. Adding two total regular payment and overtime payment will give the gross payment of the day $110. Dividing gross pay per day by number of total hours will give the Gross Pay of an hour. So your Gross pay for an hour is $11. The above example is a walk through to understand the Gross Pay. When it comes to online calculations, this gross pay calculator is an useful tool to calculate your gross earnings with the respective input values