Mean Absolute Deviation Calculation

Step by Step Calculation:
Total Inputs(N) =(5,8,13,18,25)
Total Inputs(N)=5
Mean(xm)= (x1+x2+x3...xN)/N
Mean(xm)= 69/5
Means(xm)= 13.8

MAD = 1/(N)*(|x1-xm|+|x2-xm|+..+|xN-xm|)

= 1/5(|5-13.8|+|8-13.8|+|13-13.8|+|18-13.8|+|25-13.8|)

= 1/5(8.8+5.8+0.8+4.2+11.2))

= 6.16

Mean Absolute Deviation Calculator

Mean Absolute Deviation Calculator is an online Probability and Statistics tool for data analysis programmed to calculate the absolute deviation of an element of a data set at a given point. This calculator generate the output values of Mean and Mean Absolute Deviation according to the given input data set


MAD - Mean absolute deviation of a component of a data set is the total difference between that component and a given point. In general, the central tendency is the measure of a point from which the deviation is measured, more frequently the median or sometimes the mean of the data set. The Mean Absolute Deviation also called as average deviation of a data set {x1, x2, ..., xn} is the average of the absolute deviations and is a abstract statistic of statistical distribution or set of data. The mean absolute deviation often abbreviated as MAD and calculated from the formula
MAD Mean Absolute Deviation Formula

The collection of tools employs the study of methods and procedures used for gathering, organizing, and analyzing data to understand theory of Probability and Statistics. The set of ideas which is intended to offer the way for making scientific implication from such resulting summarized data. In many applications it is necessary to calculate the average absolute deviation for a given sets of data, where this online mean absolute deviation calculator can help you to effortlessly make your calculations for given data sets

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