Hypergeometric distribution Calculator

Hypergeometric distribution Calculation


Hypergeometric distribution Calculator is an online statistics tool for discrete probability data analysis programmed to find out the number of successes in a sequence of n trials from a finite population without replacement, where as the binomial distribution describes the number of successes for trials with replacement

The Formula for Hypergeometric distribution Calculation

The term Hypergeometric distribution discrete probability or Statistics can be derived from the formula
Hypergeometric distribution formula

n is the total number of objects
r is the number of objects selected
a total number of defective objects
x is the number of defectives selected
X is the random variable

The Hypergeometric distribution is to deal with circumstances takes place when sample from data set with an acknowledged number of defective items. The calculations involved when using the Hyper-geometric distribution are typically more complex than their Binomial equivalents. To make your calculations easy, this online Hypergeometric Distribution Calculator will get the user input values of population size, number of success in population, sample size and number of success in sample and generate the respective outputs of Hypergeometric and Cumulative Hypergeometric Distribution

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