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Monthly Payment  =  3563.53USD
Mortgage APR  =  12.94%

Mortgage APR Calculator is an online tool specially programmed to calculate actual annualized interest charged when all associated costs are included. The calculation can be derived from the input values of Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Loan Terms, Discount & Origin Points and the other loan fees.

Annual Percentage Rate often abbreviated as APR is the amount of interest a bank charges on money that it lends, calculated for a period of a year. It's also called as Effective or Nominal APR. APR is an ideal measure that can assist you to make it easier to compare the lenders and loan options available in the finance market. Usually, Mortgage APR along with amortization schedule must be disclosed to the borrower within 3 days of applying for a mortgage. The APR can change according to the loan terms, interest rates and additional charges. So as to calculating APR before connected into any mortgage agreement is become wiser.

When applying or searching for a Mortgage, one of the most important component of a loan is the APR rate - Annual Percentage Rate. This is the rate of interest that you will be paying back on the money that you borrow. It is important that when looking for a loan that you do a comparison of this APR rate because the difference in even a fraction of a point can mean big savings to you over the life of the loan. To make your APR Calculations easy, this online Mortgage APR Calculator is used to calculate Mortgage APR and Monthly Repayments for your mortgage loan. By using this calculator, you can determine which mortgage loan provider provides you the best value by comparing different interest rates, mortgage loan amounts, loan terms and other fees which are associated with the loan.