Savings Account Interest Rate Calculator

Initial Amount
% per year
Final Return
Compound Period
Interest Rate  =  0.98 % per year
Interest Amount  =  3000USD

This Savings Account Interest Rate Calculator is an online personal finance tool specially programmed to calculate the Interest Rate and Total Interest based on the Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually and Annually Compound plan you have selected, Total Maturity Amount and Total Time period of the deposited money in the Savings Account.

The Saving Account is an account at a banking institution. It allows account holder to deposit and withdraw money at any point of time. The money deposited in an account specifies that the money owed by the bank will be returned to account holder along with interest and considered as depositor credits. Generally the Banks are used to provide Compound Interest for the money invested by their customers. This savings account interest rate calculator can assist you to calculate the effective interest rate on your money invested in a bank or financial institution over the period of time. Hence you can determine which Bank provides you the best interest rates by comparing different Interest and Total Maturity amount provided by the different financial institution.