Judgment Interest Calculator

Judgment Amount
Date of Judgment
Interest Rate
% per Year
Daily Interest Cost  =  2.74USD
No. of Days Since you won  =  2441
Judgment Interest  =  6687.67USD
Current Judgment Value  =  16687.67USD

Judgment Interest Calculator is an online tool which allows either Plaintiff or Defendant to find the Judgment Interest, Daily Interest Cost and the Total Existing Judgement Money Value according to the values of Judgement Amount, Interest Rate and Date on which you won the Case.

The Judgment is aimed at controlling unnecessary litigation and at encouraging settlement between Creditor and Debtor. In other words Judgement is the settlement between Plaintiff and Defendant by Legal Action of Jurisdiction. A Judgment Interest is a debt levied on an individual, business or entity by a judge as a result of legal action. Judgement establishes that the judgment creditor proved to the judge or the court that he/she/it was owed money from the debtor for services rendered or property delivered to the debtor by the creditor.

Once the Judgement is completed, the losing party either a plaintiff or a defendant has to pay the money specified by the judgement associated with court fee. The loser and winner of the case are called as judgement debtor and judgement creditor respectively. The party who initiates the lawsuit before a court is also known as Plaintiff or claimant or complainant. The party, a defender who is required to answer before a court for the complaint of a plaintiff is also known as Defendant. Respondent is the similar term used in a proceeding which is commenced by petition. When either Plaintiff or Defendant wants to find out the interest and total payment on Judgement, this judgement interest calculator provides you the easy way to figure out the required info.