(a-b)^n Formula Expansion

Out put of (a-b)^n Formula Expansion
(A-B)3 = A3 - 3A2B + 3AB2 - B3

(a-b)^n Formula Expander

(a-b)^n Formula Expander is a tiny web based tool used to expand the formula based on the given n value. The n is the power of (a-b). For example, the value of n is 2 then the expression (a-b)^2 = a^2-2ab-b^2. This formula expander can be used to find the expression of (a-b)^2, (a-b)^3, (a-b)^4 up to (a-b)^n. Provide the n value in the given text box and hit calculate button provides the respective expression. Refer the below table for example input & output of (A-B)n calculator

(A-B)nin WordsFormula
(A-B)2A-B whole squareA2 - 2AB + B2
(A-B)3A-B whole cubeA3 - 3A2B + 3AB2 - B3
(A-B)4A-B whole power 4A4 - 4A3B + 6A2B2 - 4AB3 + B4
(A-B)5A-B whole power 5A5 - 5A4B + 10A3B2 - 10A2B3 + 5AB4 - B5
(A-B)6A-B whole power 6A6 - 6A5B + 15A4B2 - 20A3B3 + 15A2B4 - 6AB5 + B6

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