Decimal - Octal Converter

Decimal - Octal Conversion


Decimal - Octal Converter is an online tool used in digital computation to convert either Decimal number into its equivalent Octal number or Octal number into its equivalent Decimal number. From the above, this calculator is comprises of two converters namely Decimal to Octal Converter and Octal to Decimal Converter and it is separated by the respective radio button. Select the appropriate radio button to perform the required conversion

Decimal to Octal Conversion

The Decimal numbers are the system of standards easily understandable by humans. But the digital circuit operates on binary numbers. In certain operations decimal to octal conversion is necessary. It can be achieved by the successive division method. The below example lets you understand how to convert decimal to its equivalent octal number
Example: Convert decimal number 143 into its equivalent octal
Decimal to Octal Conversion

Step 1: Divide the decimal number by 8 then the quotient and remainder will be 17 and 7 respectively
Step 2: Divide 17 by 8 then the quotient and remainder will be 2 and 1 respectively
Step 3: The quotient 2 can't be divided by 8
Step 4: To obtain the resulting number, write down the last quotient first and the remainders from the lower level to upper level
The equivalent Octal number is (217)8

Octal to Decimal Conversion

The first eight digits of decimal numbers from 0 to 7 used for Octal number system. Therefore the base of octal number system is represented by 8. The decimal number system uses 10 numbers from 0 to 9. Therefore the decimal numbers base is represented by 10. In certain operations, Octal to Decimal number conversion is necessary to understand the operations by the humans. The below example lets you understand how to convert equivalent decimal number from the octal number
Example: Convert Octal number 143 to its decimal equivalent
= 1 x 82 + 4 x 81 + 3 x 80
= 1 x 64 + 4 x 8 + 3 x 1
= 64 + 32 + 3
= 99
The equivalent decimal number is 99