Binary - Gray Code Converter

Binary - Gray Code Conversion


Binary - Gray Code Converter is an online tool used in digital computation to convert either Binary code into its equivalent Gray code or Gray code to its equivalent Binary code. From the above, this calculator is comprises of two converters namely Binary to Gray Code Converter and Gray to Binary Code Converter and it is separated by the respective radio button

Gray Code to Binary Conversion
This conversion method strongly follows the operation of Exclusive-OR gate. The following steps let you know how to achieve Gray Code to Binary number conversion
1. The left most significant bit of a given grey code number is same as the most left significant bit of the binary number
2. To obtain the successive binary bits to produce the equivalent binary number for the given grey code number, add the first bit of grey code to the second one and write down the result next to the first bit, add the second grey code bit to third one and write down the result and so on next to the second bit and repeat the same operation until the last bit

Binary to Gray Code Conversion
Write down the Binary number first and follow the above said information given for Grey to Binary conversion. These conversion techniques are used in digital computation to represent position of the rotating disk. When it comes to online calculation, this converter assists you to perform the conversion as you required