Celsius to Kelvin Conversion

Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Calculator

Celsius to Fahrenheit Calculator is an online temperature calculation tool in unit conversion programmed to calculate the equivalent temperature in Kelvin for the given input of temperature degree in Celsius. Celsius and Kelvin are the scales used to measure the heat. By adding the conversion factor 273.15 to the celcius will give you the equivalent temperature in kelvin. It can be mathematically defined by the formula
Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Formula

Tc denotes the Temperature in Celcius
For example, the boiling point of water is 0 degree celcius which is equivalent to Kelvin temperature 273.15. The boiling point of water is 100 degree celsius which is equivalent to kelvin temperature 373.15. Both conversions are defined in the standard atmosphere pressure. This calculator can also assist you to convert the temperature from Kelvin to Celsius by using this below formula
Kelvin to Celsius Conversion Formula

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