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Rate of Return (CAGR)  =  7.46 %

ROR - Rate of Return Profit Loss Calculator is an online tool which allows any Business or Enterprenurer to know the ratio of money gained or lost whether realized or unrealized on an investment relative to the amount of money invested to the business enterprise, and will help you to take the right decisions on Present Value, Future Cash Values, and Initial Investment

Rate of return is an indicator to measure the cash flow of an investment to the investor over a particular period of time generally a year. It's also known as Return on Investment often abbreviated as ROI as it is the measure of profitability on investment will be represented in percentage. The size of the investment increase is caused by the compound interest and dividend reinvestment so that an investor can get the higher return on the investment. Usually the risk is consider to be high for the greater rate of return on the investment and vice versa. The cash flow of the investments to the investor normally componsate the time value of money. The profit or loss occured over time is referred as the interest profit or loss. The money invested in may referred as asset, principal or investment. When it comes to online calculation, this Return on Investment calculator can assist you to calculate the ROR value in percentage for the respective input values of future value, present value and the total time period. Thus you can get to determine the necessary investment controls to be taken for the Company, Enterprenuer or Busines.s