Pay Per Click ROI Calculator

Click purchased
Cost per Click
Average Buyer Price
Conversion Rate
ROI  =  33.33
Compaign Cost  =  15000USD
Total Revenue Generated  =  20000USD
Total Profit  =  5000USD
Cost per Responder  =  1.5USD
Cost per Buyer  =  75USD
No.of Responders  =  10000
No.of Buyers  =  200

Pay Per Click ROI Calculator is an online tool to calculate the Return on Investment from the amount one invested in Pay Per Click campaign. Website is nowadays turned a prominent marketing media to promote or run your business successfully. The PPC is the advertising module in the context of internet advertising used to drive traffic to websites where the advertisers are charged when the ad is clicked. This amount spending on pay per click advertisement usually referred to advertiser's investment. To monitor how effectively an investment on PPC in order to reach potential audiences, one should calculate the ROI. The ROI is the measurement by which one can calculate how much revenue has been generated in terms of PPC advertisement. Where this Pay per Click ROI Calculator can assist you to calculate the output values of ROI, Total Revenue Generated, Total Profit, Campaign Cost, Cost per Responder, Cost per Buyer, Number of Responders, and Number of Buyers.