Net Profit Margin Calculator

Production Cost
Other Expanses
Net Profit  =  4000USD
Net Profit Margin  =  26.67%

Net Profit Margin Calculator is an online tool which allows any Business or Enterpreneur to know how much Net Profit Margin has been gained, and will help you to take the best decisions on company's pricing strategies.

Net Profit Margin is the profit represented in percentage of the revenue and also known by several names such as profit margin, net margin and net profit ratio. Profit margin is provides the way to perform internal comparison and used as an indicator to show you how well it control the costs and pricing strategy of the company. Profit margin may vary between different companies upon the competitive pricing strategy and the product mix of that company.

Any Business or Enterpreneur when it comes to know how much profit margin has been gained, this Net Profit Margin Calculatercan assist you to determine the values based on the input values of revenue and expense details. Thus you can to determine what are all the possible and necessary price controls should be taken for the Company. The profit margin calculation can be mathematically derived from the below formula.
Net Profit Margin = (Net Profit After Taxes/Revenue) * 100