Fixed Asset Turnover Calculator

Net Sales
Average Net Fixed Assets
Fixed Asset Turnover  =  2.5 %

Fixed Asset Turnover Calculator is an online tool which allows any Business or Company to calculate the ratio of Net Sales revenue to the Value of Average Net Fixed Assets Calculation.

Fixed Asset Turnover is the measure of how effectively a business is using its fixed assets to increase the sales. If the measurement of Fixed Asset Turnover ratio is higher, then the business has tied-up less money in fixed assets to increase sales revenue. If it is less, then the business has invested more in fixed assets to generate the sales revenue and it will cause to reduce the revenue. When it comes to online calculation, this Fixed Asset Turnover Calculator can assist you to calculate the required value based on the respective input values of net sales revenue and fixed asset turnover. Thus you can determine the necessary investment controls to be taken for the Company, Enterprenuer or Business.